Introducing ConstellationAI: An HTG Initiative.

Supercharge your digital assets.

ConstellationAI is a ground-breaking initiative from HHS Tech Group. ConstellationAI leverages the power of HHS Tech Group’s revolutionary data platform, Discover your Data® (DyD®), alongside cutting-edge artificial technology. Together, our DyD platform and advanced technology work to unlock new data insights and opportunities.

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  • Data Tokenization: substitutes sensitive data with non-sensitive tokens, shields private information, and significantly minimizes risk while streamlining compliance with data security regulations.
  • Federated Learning: Empower collaborative AI training without compromising data privacy, train models on decentralized devices, exchanging only model updates (not raw data) while fostering collaboration and unlocking valuable insights.
  • Asset Integrity: We take pride in the rigorous standards we maintain for digital asset quality and accuracy. Our commitment to digital asset integrity ensures that you can trust the information you access, giving you confidence in your research outcomes.
  • Ethical and Secure: We are dedicated to upholding the highest ethical standards for data usage. Rest assured, all data is de-identified and compliant with privacy regulations, ensuring the security and confidentiality of information.


  • Easy Access and User-Friendly Design: Our platform is designed with artificial intelligence making it simple for to you navigate the database and retrieve relevant data.
  • Explore, Analyze, and Derive Insights: Navigate through vast data landscapes, uncovering insights as effortlessly as stargazing.
  • Collaboration: We believe that collaboration fosters innovation, and our database is a hub for networking with like-minded professionals.
  • Support and Resources: We offer support, resources, and forums for knowledge exchange to foster a supportive research ecosystem.
  • Community Support: Join a vibrant community of researchers who share your passion for discovery.
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Explore constellations.
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Create your own constellation.

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ConstellationAI is not just the future of research. It’s the present. Join us today and unlock the full potential of your digital assets.